"Let's face it . . . the Covid-19 pandemic has effected all of us in one way or another.  As we move to the future, let's all take a deep breath, give "thanks" to God  for our many blessings and "look for that bright light at the end of the tunnel."  It may be just around the corner, or perhaps within this website.
​"Having worked for over sixty years as an actor in motion pictures, television, and dinner theaters . . .  plus enjoying a career as a voiceover talent in Hollywood and beyond, I see a bright future for all of us.  After all , anyone can become "a cockeyed optimist."  All it takes is a little courage and faith in yourself and others.  

 Welcome to Our "NobleVoices.com" Website" 
"You Name It . . .BOB NOBLE has Done it." . . . and Received Numerous Awards Along the Way during his 50+ year Career as a VOICEOVER Talent and Actor in Motion Pictures, Television and Dinner Theaters in Hollywood and beyond.  

Although now in his late eighties, Bob stays busy "behind the microphone" each day in his home studio in Orlando, Florida recording such VO projects as audio books . . . commercials . . .  video games . . . documentaries and a host of other projects. He would also welcome the opportunity to provide a personal touch for your next voiceover project.  Bob's AUDIO DEMO is the talk of the industry . . .   

A "Noble Choice" for           Any  VOICEOVER                    PROJECT
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"Yeah, Me Too . . . 
And the PRICE
  was RIGHT!"

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"Working with Bob on our recent AD campagin was a joy!  His voice on our radio and TV commercials has set us apart from our competition. We are so pleased with the outcome. 
                           Thanks, Bob"  
"Very seldom does an audio book appeal to such a large audience, but "WOWdatsFUNNY" certainly  DOES. Bob's voice is like an old friend that stopped by to share a few laughs"
"Listening to Bob's voice reading an audio book, or delivering commercial copy on radio, TV or the internet, is like being "the fly on the wall" . . . you are THERE!    And listeners DO respond!"
"Well, I think it's about time for a cup of coffee. Thanks for spending some time browsing our website.  I look forward to hearing from you if I can be of service. I hope you'll make a NOBLE CHOICE!"
Bob Noble
"When I wrote my BOY2MAN audio book I had no idea about selecting a narrator. I am so glad I found Bob. He did such a fantastic job. and he kept me posted through out the process.  I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. HE'S MY MAN for all future projects!"
        James Welcome, Author
         BOY2MAN Audio Book

"Choosing a voice for any VO project can be a challenge, with so many voices out there. Two of our friends "in the business" suggested we contact Bob Noble. We did and he's now working on our "third" voiceover project with more to come!"
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