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      The Riverboat Captain - Disney World's "Frontier Land"
           Mr. Freeze - Six Flags Parks - "Batman and Robin"
        The Alien - "Men in Black" Attraction -Universal Studios
        Moses & King Saul - Bible Vision Productions Animation

The voice of the tram at Orlando International Airport . . . and many other character voices in radio and television commmercials, video
games and industrials. 

Although an avid fan and producer of audio books, Bob is also a provider of voices for  . . .Commercials . . . Documentaries . . . eLearning projects . . . Video Games and a host of other voice over venues.  This website is an overview of Bob's voice work from projects: past, present and future with testimonials from many of Bob's clients and details on industry awards received. From his in-home recording studio, Bob can provide quick turn-around 24/7 including narration, full editing and finished audio files uploaded, or emailed to the site of your choice.          (All NobleVoices Narrations are Non-Union)​

"UFOs...God's Celestial Air Force" Audio Book Wins
                     Prestigious CRYSTAL REEL Award for Narration
An in-depth presentation  of  the  Philadelphia  investigating Grand  Jury   report   on   Catholic  clergy,   sexual  abuse of minors in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

        The 2005 report documents the results of a four-year Grand  Jury   investigation,   led   by   Philadelphia  District Attorney Lynne Abraham, of over 60 abusing priests  and  a  decades-long  cover- up  by  church officals.  The  report  is  very  possibly  the  most troubling material you will ever listen to.

"Had a great experience working with Bob. He was fast,  professional and was quick  to  understand  the  job and  what  was  required. I  highly  recommend  working with Bob and certainly hope to do so again soon."                      Kurt Schemlper - Sodium Entertainment

"Excellent job! I especially appreciated the personal acknowledgement in your recording.  I very much look forward to working with you again soon.                Joyce Taylor - MM3D Marketing

"Bob has a rich voice that adds depth to any role. He's an excellent actor to work with, both for his range of characters, and his ability to turn projects around with speed and professionalism.
                                    Julie Hoverson - 19nocturne

An old woman in a flowing white gown with her white dog  create  a  nightmare of  fear and uncertainty  for Sogni, his wife and his three children.  Set on Hawaii's island  of  Maui,  this  audio  book  written  by  Everett Peacock  will  keep  you  in a  state of suspense to the to the very end.    

From the Author:  Everett Peacock

    Additional Audio Books Produced by Noble Voices

"Working with Bob on this audio version of 'Skipping Rocks'  was fantastic!  It's always exciting to hear  someone  read  what  I've written, especially since  it  adds  a  dimension  that is new, vibrant and engaging.  Keep Bob in mind for your next audio project."
An action/espionage tale with hijacks and hijinks on the high seas.  Sonny Cay and Anna
Fortune find themselves in the middle of a
tropical storm as they seek to rekindle a lost
love from their high school days.  Anna is a
government intelligence analyst ... Sonny is a
toilet paper salesmen with a terminal illness.

Author Eddie Jones is a master at combining action, intrigue and humor as he weaves a plot that keeps you moving throughout this
audio book.  Bob Noble narrates and portrays over 40 character voices. 

COMMENT from the Publisher:   
​"Bob Noble is the consummate professional.  His insight,
  punctuality, and ability to create a quality product;, made
  collaborating with him on our "Bahama Breeze" audio book
  production a hassle-free pleasure."
Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief
Pelican Book Group
The Florida Motion Picture & Television Assn. recently honored Bob Noble with a Crystal Reel Award for his narration of the audio book "UFOs . . . God's Celestial Air Force, a two-hour audio adventure into the realm of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Travel through outer space at warp speed, an old guardian
angel, Gabriel, links up with an investigative TV reporter
to head off the ultimate destruction of planet earth.
Author - M.P. Marshall
After serving the nation as a US Marine Corps veteran of World War II's Iwo Jima campaign,
Marshall spent most of his time writing SiFi novels
until his death.  This UFO audio book was one
of his favorites.
An extraordinary novel, Pride and Honour -  
the  Battle  for  Saxony,  is  a  suspenseful, captivating and exciting journey back into 
the Middle Ages to meet the pivotal king
known as Charlemagne and one of his
greatest adversaries.

Like a bloody storm, Charlemagne's armies ravage   early   medieval  Europe,  leaving devastation and misery in their wake.  This   
is a dark tapestry in medieval history.

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