A Noble "Voice of Choice"
           "Where It Started and . . . " 
                           Where It's been . . . "          
Bob's voice-over career started during his freshman year at Savannah High School. Back then PA speakers were installed in all classrooms with the console and microphone located in the principal’s office.  Each morning at the start of classes, Bob read the day’s announcements over the PA system. At graduation he held the “record” . . . more than 500 trips to the principal’s office during his academic career. 

On weekends Bob worked at a 250 watt radio station as a “teenage” disc jockey spinning 78 rpm records featuring the vocals of Tony Bennett, Vaughn Monroe, Patti Page and the Andrew sisters.  Also, popular were the “Big Band” sounds of the Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey orchestras.

After high school Bob worked at Atlanta’s 50,000 watt radio station WSB where he became an “on the street” news reporter for the station’s popular “Nightbeat” program. From the emergency room of Grady Hospital to an elephant ride in Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus, the city-after-dark was his “beat.”

In 1954 local television stations were springing up nationwide.  Bob had the opportunity to return to Savannah and join the staff of the CBS affiliate WTOC-TV which signed on February 14th of that year.  He had a dual capacity job as the “behind the scenes” News Director, and the “on camera” weatherman. Back then local news was shot with a black and white still camera, and the weathercast consisted of a “green” blackboard and a piece of yellow chalk.  "My, how things have changed!" says Bob.

    Away to the Big LA

In1965 Bob and his wife, with their two small kids, loaded up the family Chevy and headed west to begin a new “free lance” career in Los Angeles and Hollywood as an actor and voice talent.. After seven years of reasonable success working at, and with,  the major studios,  production companies and AD agencies, Bob headed back east and followed Disney World to Orlando, Florida.  Said Bob, "We had just experienced our first earthquake in LA and figured hurricanes in Florida might be a better choice." 

Six weeks before Disney World opened, Bob received an invitation to audition for a News Anchor position with Orlando’s ABC affiliate WFTV.  For six years he wrote, produced and anchored their six and eleven o’clock newscasts Monday through Friday evenings, eventually moving back into full-time free-lance voice work and acting. 

                              Along Comes the Internet    

With the arrival of the internet, the World of Voice Talent auditions took on a whole new dimension.   No longer was there the geographical restriction of having to go to an on-site audition at a studio or ad agency.   Copy was now emailed to the voice talent by producers worldwide.  Bob now records his auditions at his home-studio and emails them back to the client in an mp3 or wav format within hours.

As the old saying goes . . . “You Win Some, You Loose Some” and life goes on. Voice work continues to expand as never before.  And the relationship between voice talent and voice seekers has gotten a lot more personal . . . which is the way it should be. 

"I look forward to being a part of your next voice-over project," says Bob, who  can be reached by email at: bob@noblevoices.com, or by phone at 407-380-2771.  

Orlando's Lake Eola Fountain
Bob & Gregory Peck
Director Rick Pamplin
lines up shot of Bob in
role of newscaster. 

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